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Please make your application well in advance so that you can arrive in Japan and begin your studies in a timely manner.If you have not received the email with your ID and password or you have lost your ID or password, contact the Center for Global Partnerships and Education with the following information; ①your name②the name of your faculty or graduate school at Okayama University③the name of your prospective supervisor④the date of your entrance at Okayama University Contact Address: [email protected] (※Please replace “@” by “@” for the email address when you email) ★If you cannot apply for a CESR through the WEB system・・・ We will send you a paper-based application form.

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Our interns generally work part-time over the spring and fall semesters and full-time over the summer.For your CESR you will need: *More than 80,000 yen per month is required.If you plan to stay in Japan for six months, you need to verify that you have the funds or a scholarship of more than 480,000 yen (80,000 yen ×6 months).① Apply for admission ↓ ② Entrance Examination or Screening ↓ ③ Success on the entrance examination or acceptance after screening ↓ ④ Apply for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (CESR) ↓ one or two months after application ⑤ Receive your CESR ↓ ⑥ Apply for a “college student visa (留学ビザ)" at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General in your country ↓ one - two weeks later ⑦ Visa issued ↓ ⑧ Book your flight ↓ ⑨ Departure from home country / Arrival in Japan *What is the CESR?A CESR(Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence) is issued before the visa application by a regional immigration authority in Japan under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and has the advantage of reducing the time required to obtain a visa and to complete immigration procedures.

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