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He displayed great courage in these and five other attacks which have been made on his ship.

He has always succeeded in beating off the enemy and this is due in no small measure to his courage, example and determination.

Married 2nd (, Hull) Rose Harriet Hampshire Henning; five daughters, one son.

* The steam trawler, when in company with two other trawlers, was attacked by enemy aircraft on two occasions and a spirited defence was put up.

One was the Surgeon Lieutenant who, when asked how the battle had gone with him, said the sloop had originally been bombed without effect, then torpedo bombed −still no damage− and then machine-gunned from the air.

This has killed quite a number, about thirty, he thought.

The distance was about fifteen miles, and the idea of walking had little appeal.

The Field gunners had hit her twice and killed twenty men, but what had finished her, he said, was a cruiser in Courrier Bay using aircraft spotting.

The "cruiser", of course, was [destroyer] Laforey and the "aeroplane" Marsh's and Knight's parties.

Son (with two sisters and one brother) of James Sidney Hill (1894-1961), and Elsie May Allen (1903-1976). Son of William Humphrey (1872-), and Mary Ann Elizabeth Munson (1872-).

Married (02.1950, Leicester Central district, Leicestershire) Beryl May Edmans ( - 04.2007), daughter of Edgar T. Married 1st (, St Mary and St Edwards Church, Rewland Street, Silvertown, West Ham district, Essex) Emily Mc Veigh (1898 - (03? Sutton (1897 - ).* This Rating displayed untiring efforts and prompt action in risking his own life in effecting the rescue of survivors from HMCS Clayoquot [a Bangor Class Minesweeper which was torpedoed by U-806 off Halifax].

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