Chatlines for bisexual women to call

If you need to speak to someone sooner, please call the Trevor Lifeline at 1-866-488-7386.

Trevor Chat is designed to be accessed through a computer, so you may have technical difficulties if you are using a smartphone or tablet.

Not only are lonely people forced to confront life's challenges alone, which can be crushing enough, but they must also confront the reality of their isolating condition without any help — a vicious circle that can end in deep depression or worse.

Fortunately, a call center in England, known as the Silver Line, is helping the most at-risk group for loneliness — senior citizens —make confidential calls whenever they want, and talk to someone who will listen.

As with television sitcoms, loneliness helplines are one approach America could stand to borrow from the Brits.Trevor Support Center—Where LGBTQ youth and allies can find answers to FAQs and explore resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and more.We are committed to continuing to provide our services for free. According to Silver Line's website, roughly 3,000 people volunteer to make weekly follow-up calls to those seniors whose loneliness seems especially extreme.Sometimes people ring the hotline just to discuss the weather or current events. Not all of them discuss their loneliness head-on, but many like to get feelings off their chest in some form or another.

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    Each subject listed in the menu below can be explored through content education via peer workshops, emotional education via performance-based workshops, or through residencies that combine the two. Peer education workshops are led by CHAT youth who complete ICAH’s sexuality education professional development program.

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