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Other women can then decide if they want to date them. S., where it has five million female and one million male users, it has been accused of objectifying men.

A good friend of mine asked me how to use this, I said, “…just google it on how to”. The form includes: Your SS Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, your valid Email Address and the random word written inside the box (Captcha). The website will instantly show you your Total Actual Contributions remitted by your current employer and your previous employer (if applicable). It also provides us other important informations such as Loan Status and Loan Eligibility.

He replied to me, “I can’t find a decent tutorial for this, kid”. When you arrive at the website, in the menu bar, look for “My. In my case, I started working January 2004 and every month starting 2004 is properly remitted and reflected in my records, I can say that it’s correct knowing that my monthly contribution is P1,560. This part is very helpful especially to those members who’s planning to apply for a loan or have an existing loan. He graduated from Adamson University (Philippines) with a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy dating back 2009 and earning his MBA in Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

“It’s been a nonstop, weird-ass six months,” Chalamet — who stars in Call Me by Your Name and Lady […] Jennifer Lopez now has mermaid-hair and we’re obsessed!

And there’s more where that came from in the faux-hair department.

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