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The case is not as simple as sex offenders are perpetrators who should be punished, and they have often been victims themselves.

Similarly, mental disorder is not uncommon and indeed there may even be a genetic link (Långström et al, 2015).

Although a selection of rapid responses will be included online and in print as readers' letters, their first appearance online means that they are published articles. C (2012) In defense of NOMS’ view about sex offending treatment effectiveness: A reply to Ho and Ross.

If you need the url (web address) of an individual response, perhaps for citation purposes, simply click on the response headline and copy the url from the browser window. Ho and Rampling highlight the debate that is occurring in mental health and criminal justice circles regarding sex offenders and has recently been reignited in the national press as well as the pages of this journal.

There is a beautiful patio and gravel area and a wrought iron patio set overlooking beautiful woodlands.

There are two other holiday lets, a fabulously converted double decker bus & a cottage for families.

Historic sites such as "A delightful, peaceful place overlooking a valley on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean.It is high time for maturity in our society’s attitude towards sex offending and a pilot “Dunkelfeld” of our own. Results from recent systematic reviews indicate that better quality research is required before we can conclude on whether such programmes are effective or not (Walton & Chou, 2014; Långström et al. Ho focuses his attention on the National Offender Management Services’ (NOMS) suite of accredited Sex Offender Treatment Programmes (SOTPs). Psychological interventions for those who have sexually offended or are at risk of offending (CD004858; Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Issue 3). Långström, N., Enebrink, P., Laurèn, E., Lindblom, J., Werkö, S. In particular, he briefly reports on the ‘Core Programme’, suggesting that there is a current lack of evidence to indicate the intervention is effective at reducing recidivism. Close to Cinderford, Abergavenny and the Cotswolds. The Tin Barn was nicely just off the beaten track so we could enjoy the best of both worlds. The accommodation was well presented and just enough for two - romantic and intimate with a four poster and a woodburner. ""From the moment we arrived, we knew our stay was going to be something special.We received the warmest greeting from Jane and instantly felt welcome.

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