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One of the most common methods for prosecuting an alternative practitioner is to document the manner in which the practitioner describes her practice to clients, both verbally and in printed promotional literature.Physicians have customarily used certain terminology to describe their profession and its purposes: "consult with patients", "treatment of disease or illness", "prescribe remedies", "diagnose illness", "cure illness", "provide therapy", "administer medicine", "relieve symptoms of illness", as well as others.The routine use of these words and phrases when describing or explaining one's profession and purpose to clients constitutes prima facie evidence of practicing medicine.In reply in writing, I responded to the primary defining section of the Colorado medical practice act which specifies that you 'diagnose and prescribe'; I, and the interns in my clinic, have clients sign a statement that they understand that we are not doctors, that we do not diagnose and prescribe, and that our services do not take the place of a physician.Then I stated that we do not use any surgical technique (by state definition) or any legend drugs, and that the substances we use are all legally sold over the counter and regulated as dietary supplements.

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