Who is martin scorsese dating

Steve Zaillian...adapted on Joe Pesci since Clinton was in office.It'll definitely be something to see him and De Niro squaring off on film again (also sure to be something: Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa).American award-winning film director who is known for his attraction to the seamy side of life.Scorsese is considered to be one of the most influential American filmmakers of our time.Additionally, the mere fact that is coming to Netflix is fairly shocking, considering this is the movie Scorsese and De Niro fans have been waiting for over the last 20-plus years.The cause for the move to Netflix came in early 2017 after Paramount Pictures lost interest in releasing the massively, nine-figure budgeted crime film.

And what’s more, they’re bringing Al Pacino along too.

I bet it'll look great but strangely off-putting, in the grand style of de-aging beloved actors. Strongly considering picking that one up beforehand, as true crime stuff (especially true Scott Wampler is an online film blogger, Podcast host, and man of constant sorrow living in Austin, TX.

His likes include self-medication via Pedialyte, The Nine Inch Nails, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, the filmography of David Lynch, weapons-grade snark, and the conspicuous consumption of alcohol.

This will mark Scorsese’s first production for Netflix, a surprising move away from usual distributor Paramount and a major get for the online video streaming platform.

The Indiewire item cites an unnamed source as claiming finally gets a release date, it’ll be one of that year’s most anticipated films on the calendar.

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